Welcome to Disaster Recovery Point the contact point for your business backup and recovery needs. Many Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s) know they should be better prepared to manage interruptions that may impact their businesses; however they are often hindered by limits in personnel, time and resources. This often results in Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Strategies which do not fully protect their critical business data, network infrastructure and communications when the worst happens. The result is often unnecessary delays in recovering the business resulting in loss of revenue, customers and good will. Disaster Recovery Point is here to help with effective solutions specifically designed for SME’s; allowing them to take advantage of state of the art technologies, such as our Offsite Storage Solution (DRP/Flex Store) and an expert understanding of BDR Strategies. We will take you through the complete BDR cycle of planning, testing, maintaining and training. When the unexpected happens we will be there to help ensure your business gets back to normal, earning money, in the shorts time frame possible. Our Offsite Storage (DRP/Flex Store) offering gives you the ability to automate your backups and recover your systems locally in as little as 30 minutes, should you experience server failures.

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