Data Recovery Point Inc. was established to provide Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). These services range over the full spectrum of disciplines within the practice of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. These include:

  • Developing measures for responding to and initiating Disaster & Business Continuity procedures,
  • Testing the defined procedures to ensure that they are effective and complete,
  • Maintaining the procedures after testing and when ever major infrastructure changes occur in order to maintain their integrity,
  • Training individuals in the procedures to ensure that the recovery process is initiated for the correct reason and in correct sequence to ensure recovery in the shorts possible time,
  • To ensure rapid recovery Data Recovery Point Inc. provides equipment replacement services to ensure that the client has the equipment to begin the recovery process as soon as possible after disaster declaration.

Our unique DRP/Flex Store Solution takes your recovery solutions to a new level of availability and integrity, by providing:

  • Frequent backups,
  • Secure offsite storage of data,
  • Multiple restore points,
  • Server standby through Virtualization,
  • File and folder level restores,
  • Restore to dissimilar bare bones server hardware.


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With over 12 years of experience in data center management and disaster recovery Marco Comisso, Director and CEO of Data Recovery Point Inc., knows firsthand the challenges faced by IT Professional and the Enterprises they serve in achieving effective Disaster & Business Continuity Solutions. This is the reason Data Recovery Point Inc., is dedicated to providing services that help the IT Professional meet the needs of the enterprise in this critical field.

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